Nano- and microparticle experts.

brand identity
visual brand system


MSP now communicates a consistent visual brand that is intentional, confident, and differentiated from competitors.

MSP logo

The mark — a nod to vaporization technology.

Clear typography with a meaningful symbol.

MSP visual system components

Visual system components.

Type, color, graphic elements, and imagery are selected and used in a manner that aligns with the visual brand of MSP’s parent company, TSI.

MSP documentation


System guidelines provide a roadmap for creating all materials — both online and in print.

MSP print and event examples

Bringing the system to life.

With careful attention to individual letterforms, the sculptural artwork boldly represents MSP’s commitment to its mission.

Constructed with multiple layers and translucency, the combination of shadow and light engages the viewer and adds beauty and interest to the public space of the firm’s offices.

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