Our experience is deep in understanding communication needs and satisfying them with engaging, effective, and memorable design. Whether the communication is ongoing or of the moment, our goal is to provide work that is hardworking yet beautiful.

Our expertise and experience include:

Questions we like to ask:

What is the goal of this effort? Is the goal a specific action or is it to enhance the image of an organization or brand? Understanding the specific goal is vital before we begin a project.

Is this an informative piece, instructional piece, or a selling tool? Defining this guides us in developing the copy, creating imagery, and creating calls to action.

Is this communication tool required to align with an existing visual brand? If so, how closely? An off-brand piece may be beautiful, but will it sacrifice a business opportunity?

What is the shelflife of this piece? Is it of the moment or will it be required to have lasting value?

Is this project part of a bigger effort or does it stand alone? Will there be pieces that are created to align with it in the future? Will it be updated as time passes?


How comfortable is Calhoun working with an existing visual brand? Do you do small projects? Are you willing to work with existing partners, such as our writer? Do you handle the production and quality control of the piece or do we? Can you work in a specific budget? Connect. We would love to answer these questions and more.

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