At Calhoun we understand that all branding projects are unique. We listen well, knowing that our clients have incredible insight and knowledge. It is our constant focus to solve client business needs with work that is pleasing in function as well as in visual design.

Our expertise and experience include:

Our process:

Our work process is always customized for each and every branding engagement. That said, we believe all projects have certain common threads woven throughout.

Discovery and definition

All projects require an assessment of the brand and business situation. This includes understanding the desires, challenges, and competitive landscape. Although the efforts expended in this phase can vary greatly, we believe it is essential to always listen carefully to our clients. Their knowledge and insight is invaluable. With this information we create a high level plan to address the situation. Before we step into the depth of a project we have a project strategy that is approved by all, guides expectations, and defines deliverables.

Design exploration and development

Using our significant branding knowledge and experience, combined with the findings gained in discovery, we create solutions to address your branding need. Again, we value our client’s perspective and insight. We realize that the most creative and engaging results are often achieved when projects are approached from fresh or uncommon angles.


How a branding effort is implemented is critical to its success. Excellence is required in craftsmanship and delivery. This phase includes the careful execution of visual design, and may encompass efforts such as messaging to promote the branding effort or a rollout plan for timely release to select audiences. Regardless of the size or complexity of the branding project, careful implementation enhances its success.


When looking for a branding partner there are many questions. Does Calhoun have experience in my category? Do they work well with internal teams? Are they interested and able to work on a distinct portion of my branding project? Are they likeable? Will they charge me an unreasonable amount? Etcetera. We are ready and willing to answer all. Connect and let’s discuss.

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