Our perspective.

Our perspective.

Welcome to Calhoun’s blog. We are the new design firm on the block and would like to introduce ourselves. Freshly minted, energized and optimistic, we’re looking forward to this new chapter.

Who is Calhoun? Reid Durbin and Jo Davison, co-founders. We are former employees of Larsen, and learned much during those years while working with a wide variety of clients and on projects ranging from brand strategy to websites to publications. With our combined skills we offer clients a full suite of exceptional digital and design expertise.

And why are we starting a firm rather than joining one of the many excellent design shops that exist? Launching Calhoun gives us the opportunity to build a business that functions in the manner we feel is most satisfying and helpful to clients. Creating an organization that has a culture of excellence, places high value on creativity, and is focused on solving marketing challenges with smart design may not be the easiest way to make a living, but it is one of the most interesting.

Among the numerous tasks associated in setting up Calhoun, we spent a bit of time defining what sort of experiences we want to offer those who choose to work with us. The attributes we landed on are attentive (vs distracted), inspired (vs dull), precise (vs careless or casual), pragmatic (vs impractical), and kind (vs difficult). Aspirational? Maybe, but now is the time to set our standards.

What differentiates Calhoun from other design firms? Our driving desire is to understand our clients’ business challenges and create work that assists them in achieving their goals. We absolutely enjoy aligning our design efforts with their business strategy. Beautiful design that works beautifully.

In addition, we are unique in that we are truly balanced between digital and print. We are not a digital firm that also does print, nor are we a print firm that has stepped into the digital world. Our project experience is proof of this, having satisfied past clients with the full spectrum of marketing tools.

In our upcoming blog posts you will find useful insights and observations. We also plan to present our points of view on current design subjects. Our goal is to offer information to you that will be helpful, interesting, or possibly quirky. Topics will range from website development to observations of design trends to thoughts about managing (or not) client relationships.

So on to the future. We are expecting it to be a fun ride, not necessarily free of all bumps, but engaging, intelligent, and surprising. And it will be a chance to work with numerous smart, interesting people. Possibly you.

Looking for more information? Connect and let’s discuss.